Bathmate Review

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Bathmate has some of the most popular and best-selling penis hydropumps on the market today. It also tends to be favored by a lot of men’s magazines over other male enhancement methods, such as supplements and penis stretchers, for the convenience of use and relatively safe mechanism and design.

Bathmate has only been in the market for five years, but it has already surpassed more established brands of penis pumps in terms of unit sales and market reception in over 70 countries.

It does seem to work for most users. That is a piece of excellent news for all men who are looking for an effective but safe way to achieve a longer penis and wider girth.

Nevertheless, its effectiveness in enlarging a penis is just one consideration, albeit a major one. You should know how to weigh its different pros and cons, which is what this review is all about. See for yourself the right sides and wrong sides of choosing Bathmate as your means of gaining a larger penis.

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Bathmate Pros

  1. Effective

This is the best way, to sum up the pros of Bathmate. It does work, and that is everything that matters to a lot of people. How does it work correctly?

Like all types of penis pumps, Bathmate works under the principle of mechanical traction or the technique of forced stretching the penis within a few minutes to create microscopic tears. These tears are so small that you cannot see or feel anything. When these tears heal, the tissues regenerate, which means that the skin and soft tissues in the penis also grow. Within a few months, the changes in size should already be visible.

As the penis grows in a flaccid state, the corpora cavernosa inside the penis also expands. This is the chamber filled with blood when the penis is in its erected state. The more blood the chamber can hold means, the bigger the penis can get.

The principle that Bathmate follows is essentially what the medical community follows in extending bones and grafting skin. Thus, it is scientifically proven.

  1. Safe and comfortable

Bathmate is safe and comfortable when used according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Bathmate is also safer compared to other types of penis pumps, such as vacuum pumps. Why?

Vacuum pumps stretch the penis by forcing the blood into the shaft, which can cause too much tearing sometimes. It is essentially the same with hydropumps, but Bathmate uses milder and slower but equally effective pumping action as it uses water and not vacuum as a medium. The water massages the penile tissues to stimulate growth, speed up the healing process of the microscopic tears, and provide pleasure all at the same time.

For starters, use Bathmate for not more than 15 minutes a day and slowly move up from there (depending on your actual need).

  1. Multiple Options

Bathmate is the brand for everyone as it offers models for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users. Beginners can start with Hercules and then move up to HydroMax X20 and HydroMax X30. Intermediate users can use HydroMax X40, while advanced users can go for Goliath and HydroMax Xtreme. Bathmate is a one-stop shop.

  1. Instant Results

Bathmate gives immediate results for men who want to have a hard-rock and prolonged erection to add spice to their sex lives. The instant result is not permanent, but with long-term use, you can see the lasting changes both in the flaccid and erected states.

  1. Delayed Ejaculation

You can see the difference in your performance in bed in just three months. Most users report that they experience at least five minutes of delayed ejaculation. That time is enough to satisfy a woman in bed.

  1. Money-back Guarantee

Any buyer can return the product and get his money back within 60 days if not satisfied. That is enough time to find out if it works for you or not. The manufacturer also offers an incredible 12-month warrantee for repairs should there be cracks in the chamber within that period.

  1. Easy to Purchase

The manufacturer accepts all major international credit cards and Paypal for payment. Bathmate products can be conveniently ordered online and can be delivered within two to five banking days anywhere in the world.

Bathmate Cons

  1. Restricted Use

As a hydropump, Bathmate can only be used in the shower or bathtub, which may not be convenient for some people. This also removes the pleasure of pumping in bed. Likewise, some consumers have reported that Bathmate does not work well in cold water, which is somehow unsurprising since cold water can cause the penis to retract.

  1. Expensive

While other brands offer one-size-fits-all hydropumps, Bathmate offers different models with varying sizes and pressure. You have to change models as you progress, which can be hard on the budget.

  1. Potentially Unsafe

Using it for more than 20 minutes a day may pose side effects, such as penis soreness, visible tearing, and mild but prolonged pain.

  1. Required Daily Use

You have to use it every day, preferably at the same time, if you want to see the permanent effects. That may be a little inconvenient for some busy people who cannot stay for at least 15 minutes in the shower.

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Bathmate Review Conclusion

Bathmate is the best choice for a penis hydropump since it is generally considered the most effective and safest brand. However, it may not be the most practical choice, especially for students, due to the higher market price when compared to the other brands.