Penomet Review

One of the most popular manhood enhancements in the market today is Penomet, a penis pump that is safe and easy to use.

It is made of polycarbonate plastic that is unbreakable and known as the most durable manufactured plastic.

This revolutionary, innovative gadget has interchangeable gaiters made from high-quality grade silicon. They are used to enlarge the penis to your desired size. Gaiters are rubber rings attached to the pump.

Penomet has five different gaiters, while other products have only one. The Gaiter System protects your manhood during the enlargement process, where pressure is being applied gradually with water assistance.

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Why Use Penomet?

  • Penomet is known to increase penis length up to 3 inches and about 30% additional girth size within 15 minutes of usage. This speedy visible result makes it superior over its competitors.
  • It has a measurement scale in the cylinder (in centimeters and inches), so you can see the enlargement progress of your penis while adjusting the pressure of the pump.
  • To prove the durability and quality of Penomet, the manufacturer offers lifetime warranty of gaiter replacement as well as a 60-day money return policy if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

How to Use Penomet

You can use it anywhere there is available water. So, it can be in your bathtub and shower room, or you can use it as a conventional pump inside your bedroom. The product comes with a routine exercise that you need to follow to get the optimum result.

Penomet can bring permanent enlargement of your penis by using it regularly for about 15 minutes, a maximum of 5 days weekly, and slowly increasing the pressure of the pump.

  • For the start-up, use the gaiter that offers the lowest pressure so your penis will become familiar with the load.
  • Attach the gaiter to the cylinder.
  • Put your penis inside the cylinder with gaiter then pump slowly until you feel a vacuum. Be ready to pump.
  • Start pumping every few minutes for about 15 minutes. You can extend until 20 minutes.
  • When you finish pumping, gently press the release valve to free your enlarged penis.
  • If you still want to continue, change gaiter, and do the same procedure.

Pros of Using Penomet

  1. It uses water during pumping, which is safer and more comfortable. Water supplies even pressure that keeps your pumping more effective. It makes the penis enlargement steady and proportional when it comes to length and girth.
  2. It has CE certification proving that it complies with the standard procedures and requirements of the European Union. This guarantees a high-quality manufacturing process and makes it an ace product.
  3. It is awarded RoHS Class 1 Certificate and also recognized by the International Organization of Standardization.
  4. This penis pump also won the Best New Product in Venus Awards way back 2013. The award-giving body is one of Europe’s major adult shows.
  5. It was tested for two years to ensure its effectiveness and safety before it was distributed to major markets.
  6. The immediate result is visible during the first use. You will observe that after a few weeks of regular usage of Penomet, there is a noticeable increase in the size of your penis.
  7. It is affordable. It costs only $127 and is easily within your budget.

Cons of Using Penomet

  1. It is not advisable for men who have micropenis syndrome or a tiny penis. Penis less than 6.35 centimeters or 2.5 inches in its erect position belongs to this category.
  2. It only accommodates up to 8 inches size of the penis and with space to enlarge it more. If your penis is bigger than 20.32 centimeters or 8 inches, it is not for you.

Penomet is a versatile product that guarantees a solution to men’s sexual problems. Using the product increases pleasure for partners during sexual acts. It is affordable and can enhance your sexual prowess. And if used regularly with routine exercise, you will see a gradual, lasting increase of your penis.

The best place to buy a genuine Penomet is to go directly to its official website. There are discounts available for different product packages.

There are three available packages: Penomet Standard ($127), Penomet Extra ($197), and Penomet Premium ($297). You may say it is expensive, but you have to think of the great benefit that you will gain; because at the end of the day, price is nothing compared to the pleasure that you will experience.

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To help you become more focused on your penis enlargement goal with the use of Penomet, here are some guidelines to jumpstart your routine.

  • First, measure the girth and length of your penis.
  • Set your goal. How long and thick do you want? Bear in mind that the increase in girth is harder and takes more effort.
  • Prepare yourself and your mindset if you are ready for a penis enlargement session. Then, go ahead and purchase it.

Finally, enjoy the pleasurable act of enlarging your penis with Penomet. It will bring you more joy for the coming days of your life. Keep the size permanent by using it daily.